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It’s your choice 🦋Perfect in Orange🍊🖤🏆 Good luck Arena Eventing tomorrow Orange Base layer and Black Leggings with gorgeous hand printed GOLD text. Just how you want it 🤩 Click link in bio 🐬 . Where are YOU riding tomorrow? 🎶‼️ . . #FunkyFilly #LifeinFF #ArenaEventing #LoveMyHorses #FunkyFillyOrange #ridingtights #EquestrianRider #eventingstyle


YOUR COLOURS IN LIFE. Look carefully 😎Comment if you see yourself in the montage🥰 #LifeinFF Shoutout for the first 10 🦋 Thanks to Laura @whiteroseequine for creating this amazing patchwork of photos covering at least 3 years of posts 😎 #teamfunkyfilly2019 #funkyfilly #funkyfillyteamgold . #funkyfillygivesyouwings #funkyfillyempowered


EASY as 1, 2, 3🐎 The PURPLE & GREY feel good factor🎶 🦋 . Can’t help but love these colours soon to be featured in @ponymaguk 🤩 . Get that #funkyfillylook @harleysnelldressage and Saphire showing us how to wear FF gear. All personalised⛱ it’s easy as 1, 2, 3 🥰 Click link in bio to see more 🐬 . #Funky_Filly #FunkyFilly #LifeinFF #ponymaguk #TeamFunkyFilly2019


Beautiful but it is such a difficult choice🤪Purple, White or Turquoise 🦋 All personalised #funkyfilly @harleysnelldressage #teamfunkyfilly2019 . What do you think 🤔 Should I add another colour to the range? If so which colour? Leave comment below ‼️🤩


Cutie Faces ❣️ Sparky loves RED 💯What is the name of your pony? 🦋 . Anna and Sparky ‼️Perfect in Red @eqdutchyy #teamfunkyfilly2019 #funkyfilly #lifeinff


Visiting #DublinHorseShow this week. So sorry to be missing out meeting @this_esme tomorrow. The best day tomorrow is the Aga Khan Trophy where teams compete from 7 counties. Anna @eqdutchyy looking resplendent in FF red matchy❣️#funkyfilly #teamfunkyfilly2019 Comment below🎶 What’s your favourite Horse Show? 🦋


Warning ⚠️RED ALERT ‼️ Checkout @eqdutchyy latest post. Congrats on 5K 🇺🇸 Loving the red matchy 💯 SWIPE to see more. . Click link in bio - shipoing worldwide 🌍 . #funkyfilly #teamfunkyfilly2019 #lifeinff


Always look forward to the next challenge 🦋 What’s yours🤩Comment below as would love to know whether it’s riding or anything else 🎶 . @whiteroseequine and Frankue wearing there New Alpha Set 🙌 Gilet, Zip Hoodie and Saddlepad 🤗 #teamfunkyfilly2019 #funkyfilly #teamfunkyfillygold . Click link in bio to SHOP 🤪


It’s been voted 10/10. Matchy Madness in Navy and Red. As worn by the wonderful Laura as seen in New Zealand 🇳🇿 @whiteroseequine #FunkyFilly This New Alpha Range looks PERFECT EVERYTIME anywhere in the 🌎 We ship to most places 🏝 . The New Alpha Star Navy Gilet is embroidered in Red with your own choice of personalisation - initials, name, Pony’s name, discipline (Eventer, Dressage, Showjumper, Equestrian, Pony Mad .... or whatever). 🎠 . The long awaited Zip Hoodie has options for customisation as well. Can be Embroidered front, back and arm 🙈 . The Simply Smart Saddlepad has a gorgeous outline FF Star. Your name as well 🤗 . Click link in bio to order 🦋 . #teamfunkyfilly #LifeinFF . Order of the day 😱 PLEASE tag 3 friends who might like the new alpha Funky Filly Range 👍🏻


IRRESISTIBLE💕New ALPHA Range 🦋 Embroidered Gilet and Saddlepad. New Horse Logo Hat Silk with white personalisation. Anna @eqdutchyy your order is in its way to USA 🇺🇸 Thanks so much 🦋#funkyfilly #teamfunkyfilly2019 . #funkyfillyempowered #funkyfillygivesyouwings


Everyone needs Wings 🦋 To make your dreams come true🦄 Thanks to for sending me these photos today 👍🏻🎶 Gorgeous Pink and White Wings Tee & Heather Grey and Pink Comfy Leggings! All personalised #jumpforjoy PLEASE swipe and look at the back design with Insta Username💕 Has to be a fav atm 😎 Link in bio . #funkyfillygivesyouwings 🦋#funkyfilly #LifeInFF


ONE GUESS 🎂What is happening here. Quiz questions for 24hr shoutout to get @funky_filly to 35k. So nearly there! PLEASE 🦋😎 Read below 💯 . 1. Who is this dancing on their Birthday? 2. How old are they now? 3. What is the name of their PONY? 4. What products are they wearing? 5. What colours? 6. What page are they featured today in @ponymaguk 🙈🐴 . Comment below 💃🎶🙌 . . . #funkyfilly #teamfunkyfilly2019 #lifeinff #equestrianstyle #dressageridersofinstagram #dressagepony #dressagetraining