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Funky Filly Horsey Girls Best Friends Wash Bag MADE IN ENGLAND Washbag

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Funky Filly Horsey Girls Best Friends Wash Bag MADE IN ENGLAND Washbag

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  • Made in England

  • 4 Internal Open Pockets

  • Zip Fastening, bright pink trim and contrasting pink zip

  • Shiny Oilcloth. 

  • Easy to Wipe Clean

  • PVC coated cotton.  Fully lined

  • size:  28 x 18 cms  x 8 gusset



  • This Horsey Best Friends Wash Bag is MADE IN ENGLAND and has a pretty bright pink trim and contrasting pink zip.
  • Cool wash bag to take to Pony Camp, Holidays or School  as there is room for shampoo, your hairbrush, hair accessories, lipstick and mascara!
  • Would also make a great bag for make up as there are 4 open pockets inside where you can put your make up separately!
  • It is made of shiny oilcloth fabric, making is hard wearing and easy to wipe clean.  A fab bag for girls, teenagers and adults alike!
  • This cool Funky Filly Best Friends cartoon design has pink and blue horses, nose to nose, with purple stars, hearts and pink and white text. 
  • Fabric:  outer:  PVC coated cotton.  Fabric:  Inner:  PVC lined.
  • The PVC finish makes it very easy to wipe clean. 
  • Matching Cosmetic Bag  from this Funky Filly Beauty collection!  Why not get the set ?  Check it out.  Get Funky!  Get Funky Filly!
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