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Sponsored Riders

Sophie Collins Showjumper - Team Funky Filly

My name is Sophie Collins, I’m 14 years old and I’ve been a sponsored rider for Funky Filly since March 2016. I currently own two grey ponies, however my riding life began 9 years ago, when I was 5 years old, when my sister and I received a Shetland pony at Christmas!!

My first pony was a 10.2hh Chestnut mare, called Candy. We used to spend hours grooming and pampering her, and occasionally went for short hacks. About a year after we got Candy I was getting too big for her– so the search for a new pony began. Around this time, I began taking riding lessons at my local riding school. I was taught pretty much everything I know today at that school, and although I don’t take lessons there anymore, I still regularly return for competitions. 

My second pony was a 12.2hh, strawberry roan Welsh Sec B gelding called Laddy and although he was the sweetest pony on the ground and had flawless stable manners – he wasn’t experienced enough for me and I lost a lot of confidence and it got to the point where I just didn’t want to ride anymore. 

We came across a 12.2hh Welsh Section B, with 18 years of experience in competitive Showjumping, dressage and a perfect Pony Club pony to rebuild my confidence. We bought him on 15th June 2011 and he is still with me today – of course, this is Jimmy! On 31st October 2011, we competed in our first competition together. A 1ft clear round – but this is where the love for Showjumping began! 

At the time I began to outgrow Jimmy, we started taking lessons at a riding school even closer to me than the previous one and we met the instructor that changed everything for me. She had a pony for sale and on August 31st 2014, my gorgeous Conor came home. Conor is a 14hh Connemara gelding. So far we have competed in Showjumping up to 85cm, competed in low-level dressage scoring 62.3% in our first ever prelim together, and even recently completed our first ever ODE finishing on a 45.2 dressage (featuring a few of Conor’s freestyle moves) 1 pole 1 stop Showjumping and clear XC putting us in  7th in our section. It was an amazing day out and one I will never forget.

It is an absolute honour to be a sponsored rider for the incredible Funky Filly, to be able to work with Anne Sheldon, the wonderful lady behind FF, on new designs and ideas. I adore working with the other FF sponsors and ambassadors, they are such a lovely group of girls and we all get along so well. I can always turn to Team Funky Filly to talk about anything – they are like my second family. All the Funky Filly products are made with such care and Anne works so hard to ensure all of her customers are satisfied and the support I receive daily is incredible so thank you so much.

Nancy Doyle - Team Funky Filly

Hi my name is Nancy I am thirteen years old and I am from Ireland.  My ponies names are Golden Girl and Quinn. Golden Girl is a 13 hand Halflinger mare, she is eight years old! Quinn is a chestnut miniature horse, he is a gelding and is seven years old!

It's hard to say what my favourite Funky Filly clothes are because I love them all and they are all amazing quality! I love the padded jackets for winter (Quinn loves them to as they have  pockets that I keep treats in hehe.) The hat silks, they are great because you can wear them all year round whatever the weather!
I also love the leggings, tees, base layers and hoodies and really I love all of the Funky Filly products.  Golden girl also loves her Funky Filly saddle pad and so do I. The list goes on...
All Funky Filly products are so unique and the quality is so good.
The customer service is amazing and Anne the wonderful woman behind the business is so good at what she does. Go order from Funky Filly now!
I'm so happy to have the amazing opportunity of being sponsored by such a unique and colourful company. Thank you so much Anne for this opportunity.

Emily Pickering Dressage - Team Funky Filly

My name is Emily Pickering and I proud to be sponsored by Funky Filly.  I discovered Funky Filly in May 2016 when I bought my STRESSage hoodie, and I definitely got bitten by the Funky Filly bug! I have met Anne on a number of occasions and she is so genuine and nice! I have been a sponsor since the sponsorship contest in January and can't wait to see where it will go in the future!

I have ridden for six years now, starting off at one riding twice a week for two years until it closed.  I then moved on to a new riding school which wasn't even open at the time and progressed massively to the point where I was going away to shows on riding school ponies.

Unfortunately, two years later that school also had to close. I was left in a sticky situation until I very kindly got offered the ride of a horse named Tomsk. I rode Tomsk until April 2016 when I met Jerry. Jerry (or Newoak Countryman), a little 13.2hh Welsh X Arab, was nothing like any riding school ponies I had ridden before, a schoolmaster who knows he can do everything, but at the same time a grumpy old man who will do what he wants!

He taught me so much, taking me to shows every few weeks, qualifying for Equifest, and regional dressage and was a great step between riding school pony and a project! I have now outgrown jerry and he is pursuing a new career in driving! So now I have the pleasure to share Electra, a Lusitano mare who came over from Portugal as a 5 year old. Electra is a project, very green and spooky, however her breeds clever nature means she is picking things up very quickly! She can be ridden western, tackless and is currently learning some high school movements! My aim with Electra is to get all the basics perfect and then work up to novice level dressage by the end of this year!

Pearl Gott Dressage - Team Funky Filly

My name is Pearl Gott and I am 12 years old. My passion is dressage (it's all I think about) and I am lucky enough to have my own 14hh dressage pony called Galaxy.

I have been Sponsored by Funky Filly since the start of 2017 and I am honoured to promote such an amazing company. I love Funky Filly because of the quality of all the products; you can get the clothing in any colour with personalisation to suit you and your horse!

I am a member of British Dressage; I have got lots of goals for the up and coming months with Galaxy.

I'm very exited to see what the future will bring and I thank Anne very much for being so supportive to team Funky Filly.

Daisy Lavelle - Team Funky Filly

Hi. My name is Daisy and I am a 12 year old rider. I have been riding ever since I was three years old, and I have loved every minute! I rode at a riding school for many years until on the 25th may 2015 I got my own pony! My pony is a 13.2 16 year old skewbald gelding, who I love to bits. His name is Merlin and he is such a sweetheart. 

I am very lucky to have been brought up around horses, so I have been able to do a lot with them, gaining experience, before I got a pony. Although my two years with Merlin, haven't always been straightforward, together we have progressed and he has taught me ever so much. Merls is the light of my life and I couldn't imagine being without him.

Some of my biggest biggest achievements are: coming individual 6th at NSEA county dressage finals, qualifying as the individual NSEA county champion at 70cm and completing my first ODE.

I have a massive passion for the colour lime green and I am so grateful for all of the lime products that Anne from Funk Filly does for me! I have been given the nickname of 'the lime green queen' which is just so sweet and it shows the fact I am absolutely obsessed with the colour.

Also, I am so happy to be part of Team Funky Filly. It is an absolute delight to be working with Anne and all the other girls on the team. The support I get from everyone is truly amazing and I can't thank Funky Filly for all they have done for me. I love being a sponsored girl so much and it means the world that I am allowed to be one! Funky Filly is such a great company.  From the LIME GREEN QUEEN x

Chloe Harrington - Team Funky Filly

My name is Chloe and I have been sponsored by Funky Filly since May 2017. I  love being part of the team because everyone is so supportive and we are truly like a family. Before being a sponsor for Funky Filly I was an Ambassador from February-May and I am very thankful to Anne for allowing me to become an official sponsor, it is really a dream come true.  My horse is called Champion and we have been together since October 2015 and although we aren't the best we have come a long way since then.

My favourite product from Funky Filly has always got to be the polo shirts, I just think they come in stunning colours and I love all of the silhouettes that you can add to personalise them. I am extremely grateful to be a part of the team and I hope that I will stay and make many more friends and memories with the team and the Funky Filly fans.

Izzy Stevens - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

I am Izzy Stevens, a 13 year old rider from South West England and I’m proud to be a brand ambassador for Funky Filly. I’ve been riding on and off since before I can remember! When I was about 3 I part loaned a Shetland called Barney and that’s when my love for horses started!

I then stopped riding for a while and a few years later when i was about 8 I started riding at my local riding school for about 6 months, I was really enjoying it but then I had to stop because of school. Then when I was about 11 we moved from Hampshire to Somerset and that’s when I decided I wanted to start riding again!!

I went to an AMAZING riding school and fell in love with all things horses and riding again! After about 9 months my mum told me I could loan a horse! I was very excited, and I went to go and see a horse called Ash, and I knew he was the one!! About a week later he came home and we had a fun year of hacking and playing around!

My mum started riding Ash as well, and that’s also when we decided that I would like to move on to a more advanced horse, that I could compete and jump!! We tried lots of horses but couldn't really find "the one"! But then... on the 22nd of December 2015 I went to go a try Hope! She is a 15.1HH, bay mare and her full name is Optimistically Hopeful! And ever since I laid eyes on her I knew she was the one!!  She then came home on Christmas eve and we've become an amazing team! She is/has been a project but I’m really enjoying riding her! 

May 2017 we had our first dressage competition and we came 6th! We have a full 2017 planned and I am extremely excited for it! Hope & I both LOVE Funky Filly products, they are both smart and stylish but extremely comfy!!  We absolutely love being a  part of Team Funky Filly 2017!

Emily Blomqvist Showjumper - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

My names Emily Blomqvist and I'm a 14 year old show jumper whose lucky enough to be a brand ambassador for my favourite company, Funky Filly. It had always been a dream of mine to join the team and when I was given the opportunity I was over the moon, being in the team is absolutely amazing and I'm so so lucky! I own a horse called Reuben, a 8 year old, 15'3/16hh Dutch warmblood who is absolutely amazing at his job despite his cheekiness, his show name is Exclusive V.

I got him last year on the 26th June, it was probably one of the best days of my life as i had wanted a horse since I could talk.Although there have been ups and down I'm honestly so happy that Reuben's mine and how far we've come together. I also get to ride Hugo, my dads horse he is an absolute angel and really looks after me especially as he is so huge, 17hh. He is a 12 year old Irish sportshorse and his show name is Sonas Dearg.I have yet to start competing with Reuben but my goal is to compete in summer at 90cm which I can hopefully achieve. 

I love all Funky Filly products, they are perfect for all conditions and are personalised just for you. The products are so unique and I can guarantee you will love which ever product you order!My favourite Funky Filly product has to be my jacket, it's perfect for all weather as it protects you from rain, wind and the cold as well as being a lightweight jacket for the warm summer.

Rhiannon Jenkins - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

My name is Rhiannon Jenkins and I am 20 years old. I do not have a horse but ride at a riding school at home and at university. The first time I got on a horse I was 5 and did a beach hack in Wales. I have been to many riding schools due to us moving house when I was 11 but finally we found a nice one where I stayed for 8 years. Unfortunately this closed down around 1 year ago, but I was lucky enough to loan one of the ponies there called “Parker” for the summer. It was great fun and gave me great experience of what owning a horse was really like.

I then moved to University in September 2015. The first thing I did was look for a riding club which I joined straightaway. We then moved riding schools this year and I am thoroughly enjoying it. When I came home for Easter I found a new riding school I liked, however it soon closed and turned into a livery yard. In the summer I started to look for a loan pony as I was not sure whether I wanted to go back to a riding school and I wanted to have a pony I could call my own. After looking at a few I decided that, 1) I felt safer in a riding school and felt I could get more out of it and 2) I did not find a loan that was suitable for me. The hunt for a riding school was on and I finally found one I love and will be riding there twice a week for the summer!

I have never competed in a show for horse riding so this remains one of my hopes. I would like to compete in British Universities College Sports (BUCS) next year or just compete in the unaffiliated dressage. I would also like to do a mini-clear round showjumping (as jumping is not my favourite) and jump some cross country jumps.

I was announced as an Ambassador for Funky Filly in May and am now most well known for my raps that I did. These were very fun to make and a great start to my Team Funky Filly experience. I have lots of Funky Filly clothes and hope to buy some more soon! I love how good quality they are and the comfort they provide. I am so grateful to Anne for this opportunity and look forward to being a part of the team.

Sofia Wise - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

My name is Sofia Wise and I have been riding since I was 2 years old.  I have been a brand ambassador for Funky Filly since May 2017.  I love being part of the team because everyone is so kind and supportive. I was so happy when I was chosen to be a new Funky Filly Ambassador. It was a dream come true. I have 2 horses Lulu and Maisie. I have owned Lulu and Maisie since April 2017 and we have come along way since then!!!

My all time favourite Funiy Filly product would have to be the polo shirts because not only do they come in so many gorgeous colours but they have amazing silhouettes.  The new funky filly text tees are so nice and I am loving them at the minute too!!

I am so grateful to be part of Team Funky Filly and I can't thank Anne enough for supporting me and picking me to be apart of the team it's still can't believe it. I hope I stay on the team and make more friends and get to know more funky Filly fans!!!

Megan Oliver - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

Hi my name is Megan Oliver and I am 12 years old. I have been riding or 10 years and my first pony was called Pebbles and my second pony was called Pepper.

However, now I have a pony called Teddy and we both love jumping and he is amazing! He is a New Forest Gelding and is 13hh and 16 years old. I love him to bits! He is the best! I'm an ambassador for Funky Filly and I absolutely love the company and the team! I have 18 Funky Filly products: 5 beautiful base layers, 4 perfect polos, 2 terrific tees, 2 pairs of lovely leggings, a heavenly hoodie, a pretty padded jacket, a gorgeous gilet and 2 handsome hat silks. I love all of Funky Filly's outstanding products!

Lily Kirkpatrick - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

My name is Lily , I am 13 years old and I live in Ireland.  I am one of the Funky Filly Ambassadors chosen in May 2017.  I own a pony called Dotty who i am very lucky to have ! Dotty is a 143cm all rounder who loves to jump and gallop. I compete mostly in showjumping.

I compete for my yard, my pony club and in September my school ! I also take part in many local shows and activities. I have started collecting a complete wardrobe of Funky Filly gear!!  Obsessed!

Helena Milne - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

My name is Helena Milne, I am 15 years old and from Scotland. Penny is my 16.2hh, 7 year old Belgian warmblood mare. We are proud brand ambassadors for Funky Filly. I have a hat silk, polo shirt, tee shirt, leggings and a saddle pad which I use all of an a daily basis! I have owned Penny since late October 2016 so we are still bonding and getting to know each other. We are currently competing unaffiliated showjumping but aim to be competing British showjumping by the end of the summer! Penny has been my first horse so it has taken us a while to get that connection and for me to learn to ride a big horse compared to a 14.2 pony but with lots of help from lessons I am eventually getting the hang of it!

We love Funky Filly because the wide range of clothing sizes means there is clothes to fit all. I love the personalisation that can be added to the Funky Filly clothing as I feel it gives it more meaning and worth. We are delighted to be part of team Funky Filly!

Martha Ryan - Brand Ambassador Team Funky Filly

My name is Martha Ryan, I compete my 14.2 Connemara Molly at 80 (hoping 90 soon!) unaffiliated showjumping (once I compete at 80-90 regularly I'll be affiliating!!) and 60-70 eventing, the highest me and Molly have jumped together is 1.05 but we are both improving so quickly!! We hope to move up the levels in showjumping very soon but we are taking it slowly in eventing!  My aims for next year (already looking ahead!) are to compete at 90 in showjumping, to qualify for the hickstead sunshine tour and I also want to compete at 80 eventing.

I'm so so happy that I'm a Funky Filly ambassador and I adore all of FF's products! My absolute favourites (it's so hard to choose!) are definitely the tee shirts, mine is in benneton blue and flo pink, but I also adore the XC baselayers, mine is in purple with flo pink writing and on a slightly chillier day I wear them together and they match perfectly! I love how everything from Funky Filly matches! If you know me you'll know I love matchy matchy!   I have made such good friends with all of the Funky Filly team, there like my second family!

The thing I love most about Funky Filly is that it's so fun and colourful, whenever I put on my FF clothes they put a smile on my face and lighten up any rainy day! If your looking for casual clothes, look no further than Funky Filly. If your looking for smarter clothes, yet again look no further than the brilliant company that is Funky Filly!  Funky Filly is by far my favourite company! It really is the brand of 2017! And I'm so happy to be part of FF's journey.

Anne (the incredible owner of Funky Filly!!) has been so supportive towards me! Always making sure I am kitted out in the most gorgeous bespoke clothing! When Anne asked me to join the team as an ambassador back in February I was overjoyed and I was welcomed into the FF family like I've known them forever!   I love every single one of the FF girls and they also have been so supportive towards me!  I get so many lovely comments about my Funky Filly clothes at events and competitions! They are so eye catching and classy!

If someone where to ask me what I recommend from Funky Filly I would have to say everything! But for Summertime I'd say that the strappy vests and tee's are amazing! I also adore the brand new socks, fly veils and gilets which are all on my shopping list!  As I've said I love the FF family and they make me happy everyday, I love them all so much. Thank you, you've all changed my life in the best possible way.